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Video Conference applications:

Many schools have one they are already using.  They are basically the same.  Everyone can talk, chat and share screen.

If you do not know where to begin and need to get one:

  • ZOOM
  • Microsoft TEAMS
  • RING
  • WebEx
  • Skype


Online journal, collaboration and sharing, store notes, pictures and web addresses. Play and make pencasts.

Chemistry Basics
PDF notes of basic chemistry.  Ideal for high school or college.

Episodes from the popular TV show.  Great for tutorials, rewards or use as Engage to a lesson.

Atomic Chemistry
Practice subatomic particle placement without wasting paper plus isotopes, structure and list of elements…

Create a class blog for all to follow and respond.

Socrative Teacher/Student
Teacher can create quizzes students take online, using phone or tablets.

Join Me
A new way to invite student participation without all the chaos.

Scientific Tuesdays
Science demonstrations, experiments and fun facts.

Genetics 4M
Review vocabulary, virtual gene mapping, Scenario questions, all on genetics.

       Vocabulary Builder


       Rosetta Stone



Many are also available in app form.
This site has emamples, tutorials and quizzes for all ages in chemistry. Topics include matter, atoms, elements, reactions and biochemistry.
Khan Academy has presentations to use for your own professional development, student learning and parent learning. Use as Engage or Elaboration in a lesson.
Create fun presentations that take the boring out of presenting.
Create word clouds using your PC, laptop or any tablet.
A new way to invite student participation without all the chaos.
Girls Engaged in Technology & Science Website
Online science curriculum program
Conferences and Talk
Create word clouds online.
Create short animations.
Create word lists online.
Create word lists online for younger students: K-5.
History! Create a virtual box with images, video and sound.  Great for projects.
Create animated videos! All ages. Great for presentations and projects.